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Summer bulbs for a personal colour accent

Every garden owner dreams of having a summer garden full of gorgeous flowers. And to enjoy this summer dream, spring is just the right time to start planting. Summer bulbs have exactly what it takes to add a personal colour accent to the garden. For inspiration, consider the colour palettes of sunny orange, serene white, festive pink and luxurious purple. Which colour will you choose?

Sunny orange

If your idea of a garden is one that has nothing to do with formality but looks as if Nature herself has created it, choose summer bulbs that produce flowers in ochre and terra cotta hues. And, for a really fantastic effect, group together several varieties of summer bulbs in these colours: Crocosmia, lilies, Sparaxis and dahlias in a range of hues.

bulb afbeelding  bulb afbeelding

Serene white

The garden is a place to enjoy life and relax. This palette of serene whites is perfect for creating a sense of tranquillity that allows your thoughts to drift while you relax for a while and do nothing at all. Use lilies, Hymenocallis, dahlias, anemones and gladioli - all in white.

bulb afbeelding  bulb afbeelding

Festive pink

Life should be fun, so let's celebrate. Flower bulbs that produce pink flowers light up a garden and make you feel right at home. To guarantee a festive feeling, combine pink gladioli, dahlias and lilies.

bulb afbeelding  bulb afbeelding

Luxurious purple

Purple is made from a warm colour (red) and a cool colour (blue). This amalgamation of two intense colours produces a colour we often associate with luxury. Is a feeling of luxury something you want in your garden? If so, try combining purple gladioli, anemones, Allium, calla lilies, and Liatris. 

bulb afbeelding  bulb afbeelding

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