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Anyone can plant flower bulbs

For those of us who lack green fingers but still want a beautiful garden, planting some flower bulbs this autumn will guarantee success! And garden supply outlets now have plenty in stock. Flower bulbs give you that first breath of colour in your garden when you need it most.

bulb afbeelding

Packages of dry flower bulbs, corms and tubers are often decorated with a pretty picture of a flower in bloom. After all, the products themselves aren’t that attractive. Well, not yet anyway. Because once these little guys are popped into the garden (or covered in potting compost in pots and containers), and are given a drink of water, they blossom into garden jewels! It’s really quite magical: unassuming bulbs transform into spectacular flowers.

Gardening for beginners

Because the flower is already right there in the bulb, there is really no need to have ‘green fingers’. It works every time! Anyone can plant flower bulbs, and it’s a nice little challenge to turn your garden or terrace into something special. Before you know it, you’ll be down on your knees hunting for the first green tips daring to poke their way above the soil. And that’s just the start of this little miracle.

How to plant flower bulbs

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