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Enjoying summer bulbs from June through October

Do flower bulbs also bloom during the summer? Absolutely! Some flower bulbs bloom during the spring, and others bloom during the summer. But when, exactly, should you plant these summer bulbs, and how can you have them flowering all summer long in your garden? The summer bulb calendar explains this and shows you at a single glance which flower bulbs you can plant to be enjoying flowers from June to the end of October.

The summer bulb calendar

Using the summer bulb calendar is easy: just plant the various summer bulbs in the spring, as directed, and then enjoy a wonderful display of color in your garden from June until the end of October. The calendar lists the eighteen most popular summer bulbs according to when they flower, starting with a special iris. Several summer bulbs will still be flowering in September but the dahlias are the ones still blooming their hearts out right up to the end of the outdoor sitting season. This summer bulb will still be blooming in October! Well, until temperatures dip below freezing, because this marks the end of their glorious reign for that year.

Planting and caring for summer bulbs

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