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Double tulips are named 'Flower Bulb of the Year'

Send up the flag: the flower bulb of the year has been announced! This year, it's the double tulips that will bear this title. These flower bulbs produce delightfully fragrant flowers with lots of extra petals. And the cherry on the top is that double tulips bloom not only early in the spring but late as well.

Double tulips versus peony-flowered tulips

Double tulips don't have just six petals as other tulips do, but many more. These flowers have a round shape and are simply huge! They can easily reach 10 cm across. Double tulips consist of two classes: the double early and double late tulips. Because the profusion of petals born by double late tulips gives them the look of peonies (and also because they smell so delightful) they are also known as peony-flowered tulips.


Double early tulips

Double early tulips start displaying their amazing flowers as early as April and continue on into May. Since the stems bearing double early tulips are short and sturdy, they can more easily withstand the effects of wind and rain. This means they will beautify your garden without any trouble.


Late-flowering double tulips

Late-flowering double tulips (also known as 'double late tulips') produce taller stems and bloom later in the season than early-flowering double tulips ('double early tulips'). The flowering period of these fragrant tulips starts in May. Waiting a little longer for the flowers produced by these tulips is definitely worthwhile, since their flowers are even larger than those of the early-flowering double tulips. They can easily reach a diameter of 4 inches, especially when they unfurl their petals on a sunny day.






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