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A flowering preview of spring

It may be the depths of winter, but we're secretly yearning for spring already. But how can we get a little spring into our lives NOW? That's easy! The solution? Hyacinths forced over water and waxed amaryllis bulbs.

Forcing hyacinth bulbs over water

Forcing hyacinth bulbs over water is a great way to see how a flower bulb changes into a flowering plant and adds to the beauty of your home. All you need is a hyacinth bulb, a hyacinth glass and some water. A hyacinth glass is a small slightly wasp-waisted glass. They're available in all kinds of trendy designs. Fill the glass with water and place the hyacinth bulb in the upper section. Make sure that the only part of the bulb submerged in the water is the basal stem so that its roots will grow into the water. Then place the hyacinth in a cold dark place like a basement, garage or refrigerator. After a few weeks, when the flower becomes visible, you can take it indoors. Then simply enjoy the sight and delightful fragrance of this harbinger of springtime!

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