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A patchwork of summer bulbs

Mixing modern with vintage: nothing is more fun than cutting and pasting to get the best out of both. So why not use summer bulbs to make a creative patchwork in your own garden that takes advantage of everything pretty from both yesterday and today?


With everything going on all around us in the areas of technology and politics, our world is becoming more and more exciting, but also more confusing and complex. Together, we’re finding solutions for this by connecting the old with the new. It’s like living in a collage that we create by cutting and pasting. In doing so, we shuffle all the pieces around and turn our familiar world upside-down.

226102.jpg  226108.jpg


We can reflect our changing world in our own gardens. Here, we can put all of our creativity to the test. In a garden, we can use summer bulbs to play with various styles and make them into a three-dimensional patchwork. The resulting contrasting combinations will enliven the garden and give it a brand-new unified look. The most important color? Bright yellow, but white, blue and orange-red could also be used for this creative patchwork of summer bulbs in the garden.

226110.jpg  226109.jpg

226107.jpg  226105.jpg

226104.jpg  226103.jpg

226101.jpg  226100.jpg

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