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Don’t forget: flower bulbs make your garden complete

Flower bulbs give you more garden enjoyment that lasts even longer. Because they bloom so early, your garden will be full of flowers starting as early as January. You still have time to plant them this fall before the soil freezes. The winter cold is just what they need to grow and produce a beautiful display of flowers.

Enjoy them longer

Flower bulbs get great scores for sparkle and exuberance. They come in so many vibrant colors, too. It’s no wonder they’re such a delight in the garden. And they make their magic while the rest of the garden is still asleep. By planting flower bulbs, your garden can start blooming as early as January, so you don't have to wait so long for that feeling of spring. To give you a good idea of when spring-flowering bulbs bloom, we’ve made a flowering schedule for the various kinds.

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Another plus

Flower bulbs give you another benefit, too: they are easy to add to your existing planting. You can plant them just about anywhere among other plants and even in a lawn. What about those spots beneath trees and shrubs? They’re also a cheerful note among perennials. Planting them in groups creates a striking color effect. If you want a more natural look, plant single flower bulbs in several spots.

243155_aangepast.jpg  243349_aangepast.jpg


Planting flower bulbs is actually fun to do. What’s more, they give you a good reason to still be out enjoying the garden in the fall. Spring will then hold a nice surprise when those first little shoots emerge above the ground. It’s always wonderful to see how flower bulbs planted under the ground grow and turn into stunning flowers. Here are the three steps in planting flower bulbs.

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