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Crocus vernus

Family: Iridaceae
Common name: Dutch crocus

Flower color: yellow, white, purple, striped and bronze

Flowering period: February - April

Average plant height: 6 inches

Planting depth to base of bulb: 5 inches

Spacing between bulbs: 1 inch

Type of bulb: corm

Light requirements: full sun to partial shade

Landscape uses: borders, rock gardens, in lawns, under shrubs and trees, and for indoor forcing

This species' many cultivars have been developed by crossing and selection from the wild species. Its flowers are larger than any other of the crocuses. They grow very well in lawns, and look beautiful when planted in mixed colors. If used in lawns, however, the grass may not be mowed until six weeks after the crocuses have bloomed. If mowed earlier than this, the newly forming cormlets (developing on top of the mother corm) will not become large enough to flower next year.

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