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Iris reticulata

Family: Iridaceae
Common name: Dwarf iris

Flower color: purple, light and dark blue

Flowering period: February - March

Average plant height: 4 inches

Planting depth to base of bulb: 4 inches

Spacing between bulbs: 4 inches

Type of bulb: true bulb

Light requirements: full sun to partial shade

Landscape uses: borders, rock gardens, and under trees and shrubs

These dwarf irises, which originally came from such areas as Turkey and the Caucasus, are cultivated on a fairly large scale. They bloom very early in the season. The flower is quite large in relationship to the plant as a whole, and the flower color of the species is violet-purple. I. reticulata are especially appropriate for use in rock gardens. Naturalizing is possible. One drawback is that they develop many leaves during the flowering stage, diminishing an otherwise dramatic appearance.

There are many different cultivars available.

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