1. Lilies bigger than a football

Lilies bigger than a football

The focus of last week was the Dutch Lily Days: days when all the newly developed as well as the existing lily varieties are on show for all to see. For me, these days were a kind of benchmark - a time when everyone opens his door to all the people who want to know what kinds of lilies are available. And that’s quite special because "everyone" also includes the competition. Here, too, it’s a case of "together we’re stronger!"

Important ornamental crop

Lilies are a huge market. There's no escaping the fact that the lily is one of the Netherlands most important ornamental crops. iBulb made use of this opportunity to invite journalists from many different countries to get together and experience the Dutch Lily Days. A great chance for me, together with other flower lovers, to discover all about lilies. And it was just as I had expected. I, like many others, was walking around with a big smile on my face because everything was almost too beautiful for words. Tens if not hundreds of lilies in every shape, color, fragrance and size were on display. The largest flower we saw was even bigger than a football! The tallest flower stem had to have been one and a half times my own height - and I’m 5'9"! The flowers of the tiniest lily were divinely delicate and petite: no larger than quater. Between these extremes, you could find anything and everything. There were unscented lilies, for example: a great solution for people who love the look of lilies but not their fragrance. Among the new lilies were many varieties that produce no pollen. What a wonderful development! No more spots on your clothing.

Nice dreams

Anyway, our mission, which was to inspire journalists to want to write about lilies, was a success. After three days, everyone was impressed by the huge range of gorgeous lilies and inspired by what could be done with them in flower arrangements. And me? I enjoyed every bit of it, and I’m still dreaming about how I could take that one lily even bigger than a football and stick it behind my ear...

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