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The art of combining: mix ‘n match!

Imagine this: a picturesque spring border with eye-catching combinations of flower bulbs. Instead of straight little rows, create scenes of elegant artistry! Flower bulbs planted in November mean a springtime full of breathtaking border combinations: paintings bursting with patterns of colour and shape.


Flower bulbs are perfect for introducing spring colour into your borders and pots. Long before the first perennials, you can delight in the bright colours of crocuses and anemones – just to name a few.

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Who wants a boring border? You could create a sea of flowers in a single kind or colour, but combining a variety of flowers and hues in the garden could give you a delightful surprise. For spectacular results, swirl various kinds of bulbs in a basket and simply toss them into the border. Then plant them where they land for a natural look.


Harmonious effect

Use various kinds of flower bulbs in the same colours to provide a subtle harmonious effect. An example: combine tall and shorter spring-flowering bulbs such as bright pink tulips and pastel pink hyacinths.


Floral carpet

To create a floral carpet, plant large quantities – as many as two or three hundred of the same low-flowering kind of flower bulb – next to one another. The floral carpet effect can also be achieved by using taller flower bulbs such as tulips and daffodils. Either way, the colour impact is overwhelming!


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